Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

My last run of 2011... 20 miles. First run of 2012... 37.5 miles. Crazy.

Totals for 2011 come out like this, 376 miles for the month of December and a grand total of 3053 miles for the year. Originally I was thinking of 2500 as a goal.

I think that 3000 is a good number to shoot for, well, at least for me. I'd be concerned about injuries going that much higher.

We are just weeks away from Rocky Raccoon. This week will be my peak week of training as I am shooting for 100+ miles. Next week will be 80 miles again, then I really get to start backing off in my taper. Can't wait.

Ran the 37.5 mile run yesterday.... from my house to Dakota Hot Springs, door to door. Things got a little rough for me around mile 30 but was able to gut it out. Ran a good chunk of the last third A LOT faster than originally planned and or agreed to but it was good to push it. This run to Penrose was a lot more fun than the first one I did as It was nice having Amy and Brooks along for the fun as well. Again, Melissa has perfect timing meeting me in Penrose and she brought me the best Subway sandwich ever to eat in the car once I was done... oh yeah and a Snickers bar. I bet the sandwich and bar were gone in less than five minutes... definitely no more than six.

Adjusting to the New Year still but over all the holidays were a blast. Skiing with Melissa and my buddy Erich was a lot of fun on Christmas Day and then Melissa and I went to Monarch on New Years Day. It is fun skiing again but I have to be honest, it is a lot like starting over as I was away from it from so long. I'm not a total 'tard on the slopes but I am a lot more conservative than I used to be, that is for certain.

Big week, lots of miles to run but thankfully the weather is supposed to really cooperate. That will be great! Maybe get to run in a few less layers this week, that will be nice.

Have a great week everyone!

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