Sunday, January 22, 2012

I sitll haven't figured out hundreds really

Yesterday was my last long run before Rocky Raccoon. At this point, every thing that I could have done has been done. I trained deliberately, diligently and damned near perfectly. I can't think of anything that I would have done differently. I've battled the weather, the dark, the cold, a real cold that I caught on 12/21, pissed off shins from tele-skiing, everything... Nothing stopped me.

Yet with all of the training success I know damned well the task at hand will be tough, no doubt. I don't care if the course is at sea level, or relatively flat or whatever. It is still 100 miles and you can't bullshit your way through 100 miles. Well, at least most people can't. A marathon, yes... a 50 miler, sure... but 100, not likely.

Even with all of my preparation I know I have a solid 50-60 miles in me but what happens after that fourth lap when things begin to get ugly and unravel? How about that final fifth lap? But then what happens when the exhaustion, the nausea and ugly blisters come up with a vengeance? The moments when everything just hurts and it is just you and the pain?

After I ran my first LT100 I swore never again would I run that distance. I recognized that I am good trail runner, I am decent marathoner and even a halfway decent 50 miler but 100 miles... that just ain't nothing to fuck with or take lightly. Ever. Of course I ran the LT100 a year later and did great but still it takes its toll.

I'm not overly freaked out or psyched out, rather I think that I am in the process of developing a healthy, cautious respect for the course and the distance in which I am getting ready to run in less than two weeks... hell two weeks from now regardless of the outcome it will be over.

Of all of my concerns of things that I can control right now is my concern about not doing anything stupid the first 20 miles. I need to run that first 20 miles in a very conservative rate and refuse to get sucked into any racing. That is going to take a great amount of discipline and patience on my part regardless of how fresh or fast or great I am feeling, I need to step on the brakes. That is my strategy.

Watched Incendies last night. It was a great movie, loved the music, I recommend it.


  1. I suggest checking out the comments from Anton in this post ...

    The fourth lap is proving time. Do not hang out before starting the fourth. Get out there. With the fifth, you are gonna smell the barn so get it done.

  2. Thanks GZ... yeah that fourth loop... I like that idea of not even stopping and just going. I might just plan on that. If I need to stop to do something preventative I will but I think it will be a quick stop to switch out bottles, gels, etc, and go! Thanks for the idea.

  3. yea don't screw it up, or i will point and laugh at you.