Friday, January 20, 2012


It is the Friday of my first taper week. Two more training days to go yet with a 20 miler on Saturday and then some other miles on Sunday for fun. Starting to feel as if I am really bouncing back and all of the chronic aches and pains of the past few weeks are starting to subside. It is very refreshing to run on fresh legs that don't feel like lead at the onset of each run.

It is reading season again... regular action I think they call it so Melissa is ass deep in student application files and will be doing that damned near 24x7 for the next few weeks. She has really mastered her process when it comes to reading applications the past year or so and just kicks butt at it now. I am so proud of her because it took a lot of work to figure out how to rip through them as quickly and thoroughly as she does now. Anyway... all of this is good but it is like being a single parent again as I am an application "widower" now! It could be worse I know, it could be fall travel season.

One of my side projects is now a step closer to being realized today. I can't or really won't discuss too much about it now but it has been in the works now pretty much since August. I figure a few more weeks and the cat will be out of the proverbial bag. It is exciting, that is all that I can say for now. A hint, it involves death, destruction, floods, tornadoes, and disaster on the whole...

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