Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I tried today to explain to my boss exactly what my mental state is today. I explained to him that to best describe it, imagine an expecting mother who knows that she is going to deliver a 10lb baby this weekend and an episiotomy, epidural, or c-section is not an option but at least 20 hours of hard labor is guaranteed... yeah that's about how I feel right now. The week before a race is tough.

My boss did ask me to get something done this morning that was hi-vis and I was able to take care of it rather quickly so maybe I am not so useless after all. Just don't expect much out of me tomorrow and definitely nothing on Thursday!

Mostly the past few days I have been feeling tired. Very, very tired. I want to sleep all the time. I am tired and shit hurts. My left foot and ankle feel achy and my right Achilles tendon feels out of whack as well. Just more taper fun. Today I will run 2 miles again but it will be my LAST run before Rocky. Crazy. I will end January with about 304 miles which isn't too shabby. I know when I run though the aches and pains disappear so I am not overly concerned.

The mental part has been a struggle these past few days and I really don't now why. It is funny how just a few weeks ago when I was in the heaviest parts of my training volume just how strong my confidence was. Now? Not so much but I think it is coming back. I had a pleasant optimistic thought about the race this morning so that is promising. I just need to have about two million more of those between now and Saturday morning. These ups and downs are all part of the process. Once I start running on Saturday and I can totally focus on that, none of the doubts or concerns or any of that will matter anymore. I will just be running.

Something fun that I found on GZ's page. The Fishy song is hilarious!

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  1. More taper fun. Just ride it and know you will kill it.