Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Things That You Will Never Hear Me Say

1. Hey, after we run Barr Trail, let's get fondue while we are in Manitou.
2. I already have too many pairs of running shoes.
3. I made it through the whole race without puking!
4. 5:00 a.m. IS the best time of day to run.
5. I love the wind!
6. I do really well running in heat.
7. I don't know about that route Brooks, maybe we should do something different?
8. I can't wait to run the Ascent again someday.
9. I want to do an Ironman now.
10. Mountain Dew IS really bad for you.
11. I want a donut.
12. I want a McRib.
13. I just ordered a new pair of compression shorts.
14. I think that I will need my trekking poles for this one.
15. I just bought a new treadmill!
16. I just did 10 miles on a treadmill!
17. I just registered for Badwater.
18. I can't wait to run Boston.
19. I'm going to go on the Paleo Diet. (Or vegan or some other such nonsense.)
20. I am just a recreational runner.
21. Those Hoka's look really cool!
22. X distance is easier than Y distance. (All distances are challenging.)
23. I love dogs off-leash on trails that jump all over me.
24. Jenn Shelton is not pretty.
25. BTR was the best book ever!
26. Tapering is a lot of fun and I enjoy it!
27. I spend way too much money on running and racing.
28. I am taking a year off.
29. Leadville is boring.
30. I just got into Hardrock!!! (Probably not just due to the odds not being in my favor.)
30. I will never run again. (Okay I might say it, I will never mean it and it will never happen.)

Everyone have a great day!

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