Thursday, January 12, 2012

One More Day

It has been a really weird, stress-filled, chaotic week. Not bad, just a lot going on. Broken window fixed on Monday, oncall Monday night, swim meet Tuesday night, didn't get out to run until late last night, multiple meetings today, went to the office 2x this week... just stuff... nothing bad just stuff.

This is my last big week of running. It will be an 80 mile week. Last night's run, every step was cold and uncomfortable. Today was a little better, at least the sun was shining. Had to push through the first six but then the trip home was better. Much better. I can always tell a run is going well when I start to daydream and have delusions of grandeur... In this case looking past Rocky Raccoon and planning my strategies for the Salida 13.1 in March.

Melissa called it though as she was seeing the strain on me this week. She told me early on Wednesday to just make it one more day... make it through Thursday and I will be okay. I've held onto those words the past 36 hours like a life preserver. I needed it. I went from just about never wanting to run again this afternoon to having a good run in the end.... followed by a fun run with Melissa and Asia and then going out sushi... just as always in the end it all turned out well!

Friday will be an easy run. Saturday the Fat Ass 50K which will probably be the longest effort between now and going to Texas. The trail is supposed to be fairly clear so I think it will be fine. I ran down Longs Ranch Road last weekend so I already know what to expect there.

Sunday, register for the San Juan Solstice and interview a few potential house/dog sitter candidates during the afternoon. We just can't kennel the dogs anymore... to much guilt. Really. Even though I know they are fine and well taken care of I want them home and looked after. Here when I leave and here when I get back.

New shoes arrive tomorrow. Inov-8 Roclite 285's to test drive and a new pair of La Sportiva Crosslites to replace the ones that I have pretty much trashed since last month. The new pair I will break in on Saturday and then put them aside until Rocky. The great thing about Crosslites for me is that I can take a new pair and race in them without any break-in issues... one of the reasons I love that shoe and I hope that it is not discontinued... that's why I am trying the Inov-8's, as a backup option.

Still waiting on the New Balance MT110's. CRC doesn't have them yet and aren't sure when they will arrive.

I probably get more excited about running shoes than I should.

Can't wait to see how the Women's Olympic Marathon Trials go this weekend. Go Jenn!

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  1. You get way too excited over shoes. Especially the Friday night posts about your New Balance.