Sunday, January 8, 2012

Help Wanted!

Just consider this a shameless plea in an attempt to score some great pacers or just one great pacer for that matter for the 2012 Leadville Trail 100. It seems even now that most everyone is spoken for and or running it themselves so trying to secure a pacer is about as tricky as getting a date for the prom...

Anyway... My thoughts on pacers are as follows; If I can get one to go with me from Winfield all the way back to Leadville, the entire 50 miles that would be great. Or if one person would be willing, I could pick them up at Twin Lakes on the inbound and THEN they could go the rest of the 40 miles in with me.

Otherwise I'd be happy with a solid team of 2-3 pacers taking on various parts of the course.

So... if anyone reads this and wants to volunteer that would be great or if anyone reads this and has an idea of someone right the job that would be great as well. Just let me know. I am planning a serious attempt at sub 25 so a solid pacer setup is damned near mandatory.

Of course Melissa will be crewing for me and she will also be more than glad to crew a pacer or pacers as well with any of their needs, shuttling gear and what not.

On to other subjects, this week week was my peak training week for Rocky Raccoon. 106.16 miles for the week. The fascinating part of it all is that I am feeling rather well all things considered and not overly beat up. I have to be honest, the weather the past week contributed a lot to my success and getting the miles in . I really got lucky.

Really, this entire training cycle for this race which I officially started the week of Nov 28 has had more good going for it than not. There was the week of 19 December which had the worst weather so far but I stuck it through that week and managed to get my planned miles in. Most of the fall I managed to average anywhere from 50-70 mile training weeks so my base was already there when I started hitting it hard the last week of November. Here are the weeks of training and the associated miles:

Nov 28 - 70.51 miles
Dec 05 - 85.23 miles
Dec 19 - 80.17
Dec 26 - 90.35
Jan 02 - 106.16 miles

All things considered I am very, very happy with the past five training weeks. Very happy.

I am ready to start tapering... 80 this coming week, then 60, then 40, then maybe ten the week before the race.

Onto shoes... I am excited about the MT110's maybe coming in to CRC this week. I have a preorder on file with them. I checked out the Inov-8 F-lite 230's which have a similar upper but a less sturdy than the Rocklite 285's and I think based on that I might like the 285's to replace the Crosslites. Seems there are some issues within La Sportiva that is bungling their shoe shipments. Personally I tend to believe, even though I have been told otherwise that the Crosslites are being replaced by the Crosslite V 2.0.... just a hunch.

Then I am excited about the new NB Minimus coming out next month...

I am so looking forward to this 80 mile week and the 30 mile or so FA run this coming Saturday. It is going to be a great week.

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