Friday, December 30, 2011

Why Cigars Are Better Than Running Shoes

I am on the verge of a running shoe crisis I believe. One of the things that I don't like about running is having to constantly deal with and adjust to new and upcoming lines of running shoes while old favorites are discontinued and no longer available.

I mean with cigars you find a good brand, shape, and size and if it is from one of the larger more reputable houses, that cigar will ALWAYS be available. Cohiba will never ditch their Siglo line to make something different just for the hell of it. The same Siglo IV's that I bought three years ago will be just like the Siglo IV's that I buy again here in the near future... well, once I secure another source for Cubano Puros as my Swiss source got burned last year, but that is another discussion.

Back to shoes...

Right now I have three favorite pairs of shoes. Number one are my La Sportiva Crosslites. I've worn these in every big race this year over 20 miles. Hell, I even wore the damned things for 26.2 miles in the rain in the Dallas Marathon a few weeks back. They are a solid shoe. I would say that 80% of my 3000+ miles this year have been run in Crosslites.

Number two would be the New Balance MT101's. I love this shoe. For anything under 20 - 30 miles that I don't need a lot of protection for the shoes are the best. They are light and just comfortable. I love these shoes for shorter trail races but shy away from them if it is messy or wet out.

My third favorite shoe this past year has been the New Balance Trail Minimus or MT10. I have probably worn these shoes 2% of my overall mileage. Like the MT101s' these are light. They don't offer much protection at all and the pair I have now are pretty trashed and worn. But they are fun to wear when I want to do something different and they definitely make me work on or at least be aware of my crappy running form. These shoes are best for really warm days.

With these three shoes in my arsenal along with the Drymax socks that I wear exclusively I have had damned near ZERO blister problems this year. Zero. I did get blisters in the LT100 after mile 80 or so but that shit just happens and still it wasn't that bad.

So here is the conundrum... basically I have heard many unconfirmed reports from friends that La Sportiva is going to discontinue the Crosslites and only have the Crosslite V 2.0 available. I have tried that V 2.0 shoe and I don't like it one bit. The La Sportiva U.S. rep told me that they are not going away, yet on the European website for La Sportiva the shoes are no longer listed. So... I am not going to count on these shoes being around much longer. As a possible replacement I am looking at the Inov-8 Roclite 285's.

Then New Balance is doing it to me too... Well, I will be honest I am looking forward to the MT110's which will replace the 101's, no doubt. These shoes come out in January and from everything I have heard and read they are supposed to be quite the upgrade and worth the wait. This doesn't upset me as much but I am patiently waiting to see what they are like in person, try them on and run with them myself. Regardless of how much I like the 110's or not... I will have to say goodbye to the 101's as they ARE being discontinued. That is the part that I am uneasy about.

Then I have no freaking clue what they are doing with their Minimus Trail line. The new Trail Minimus, the MT00's come out in February. The original MT10's had a 4mm drop in them and the MT00's will have zero, none, 0, no mm drop in them. Truly minimalst in that department. Supposedly from what I have read too the outsole of the new MT00's' give a bit more protection which would be nice. My current MT10's can be a touch too thin on really rocky surfaces. My only concern here is that I am wondering how I might handle the 0mm drop? Also are the MT10's going to be discontinued altogether like the MT110's are replacing the MT101's? Ugh...

And lastly... yesterday I read about a totally NEW trail shoe by New Balance, the MT1010 which according to the article that I read "provides a minimal fit and feel, much like that of the [Minimus Trail a/k/a MT] 10, but with more traditional midsole heights and a more supportive upper.”


So... We will have to wait and see how all of this plays out. If you want to read about all of the new New Balance shoes, here are some links.



And the MT1010

Just writing this stressed me out... I think it is time for a cigar and to dream of Havana.


  1. Shoes? Cavemen didn't need shoes, neither do you.

  2. Yes I need shoes... I'll stop wearing shoes when you go to a 100% paleo diet. How's that?

  3. Would a diet consisting of only King's Chef bacon cheeseburgers count as paleo?

  4. You know, you should totally do that as a gag or promo or something... Talk about a challenge but eat nothing BUT King's Chef between now and HR 100 then go on to HR 100 to PR... Now that would be something.