Saturday, December 24, 2011

Against All Odds... One Hell of a week!

First of all let me say that Old Man Winter can just smooch my snow balls. This is how this week played out.

80.54 mile for the week.

Monday - 20 mile run home from Monument with Brooks in the blizzard.
Tuesday - 10.10 mile run in the A.M. with the Sunrise Striders and a little extra.
Wednesday - 10.6 miles P.M.
Thursday - Two runs. 8.38 miles in the A.M. up to the top of Upper Gold Camp and then 6.75 in the P.M. with Asia.
Friday - 0 miles. I took the day off to Rest to get ahead of this cold hopefully.
Saturday - 24.69 miles spread out over three different runs. One 10+ miles with Brooks, one 9+ miles by myself, then 5+ miles with Asia on the third one. Oh yeah and that was while being oncall to boot!
Sunday - no running cause my ass is going skiing and I get to try out my new Fisher SB98 skis.

So there you have have... 80.54 miles in a 5 day training week, in the face of two winter storms while having a cold for four days, working and being on-call. Not too bad. This month I am up to 286 miles. I need to hit 333 for my yearly goal. With the outing that Brooks and I are contemplating for Monday it should not be a problem.

Happy Holiday's everyone!

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