Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So... Now What?

It has been ages since I have written anything. Actually there hasn't been much to write about. Well there is but I was also sort of taking a break the second half of November from a lot of stuff. Apparently my blog was a part of that time off.

Good news... I am happy with how the fall series turned out for me. I could have done better I think but some tactical errors on my part (Think McRibs) and some other things jacked with my last two races. But, on a good note I went to MD for Thanksgiving and PR'd in a 5K there, 18:49, grabbing 3rd in my age group and a medal to boot. That made up for me fucking up the fall series.

Ran with my friend Jenna this weekend as she completed her first marathon in the pouring rain in Dallas. It made for a fun weekend. She did the typical, "I'll never do this again," after the race to registering for another marathon Monday morning to get a better time.

I did not get into Hardrock. No surprise there... I know it isn't rigged but damn... anyway....

I am registered for Rocky Racoon 100 in February and will be running that with Dan, Brooks, and Marc. I think there is a group of ten of us who are going down there. RR100 training is in full swing now, or at least that is the direction that I am moving... 70.5 miles last week, shooting for 80 miles pretty much every week in December. With the dark, the cold, the wind, work, and the holidays it is going to be a challenge but I will do it.

I am also registered for Leadville 100 in August. Going for the Big Buckle! Hell Yeah! We have already booked a place to stay so those logistics are taken care of and it is nice to know this early in the game that all I have to do now is show up there and run. I do hope to get some good training in up there this summer as that I believe was a huge contributor to my racing successes this year.

There are some other races and other goals but I will get more into that in another post.

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