Friday, December 16, 2011

2012 The Plan. Well, that's if the Mayans were wrong...

Right now training my ass off it seems like for Rocky Raccoon which is now seven weeks away. I am managing the mileage okay without too much physical breakdown. Some things are tweaky right now but I think they will either get better or just stick with me until I start to taper. Nothing is a show stopper for certain.

I have been handling the dark and the cold okay. Every run, morning or night requires a headlamp. I just accept it now. The worse part of running so much in the winter I have realized is not so much dealing with the weather but the sheer volume of fricking dirty running laundry that I have to do each week. Everything gets soaked because I have to layer up so much and then all those layers need washed. I do miss the days of summer when shorts and a t-shirt were enough.

Without a doubt though this training cycle seems to be one of the toughest I have ever been on EVER and this December will probably be not only my highest mileage month of the year but probably ever at this rate. It is just crazy. But fun.

So... 2012... if we are not all consumed in a huge ball of cosmic fire, or locusts or whatever, these are my planned races. I won't include the actual goals for all of them because right now I can't actually define those.

14 Fat Ass 50K Manitou
15 San Juan Solstice Registration (Not a race but still muy importante.)

4 Rocky Racooon 100 Miler

10 Salida 1/2 Marathon

21 Desert Rats 50 Mile

23 San Juan Solstice 50 Mile

15 - Leadville SR 50 (tentative, not sure, don' t know)

18-19 Leadville Trail 100

So there it is... a little less than last year in a way, in some ways more. I am excited because I think that overall 2012 is going to be just an amazing year all around.


  1. There's a typo for the March 10th race. Salida is a full marathon.

  2. No typo. I had so much fun on that course last year and I can not wait to do it again. Probably the toughest, sickest and most fun 13.1 course on the planet.

  3. Wash yourself more often, your duds less.

  4. LOL... @Reality Man... I'm damned near compulsive when it comes to taking showers... 2-3 a day usually so that ain't it! :)