Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What I Learned In Mexico

I guess there is more than one way to phrase it.  It's an old and faded decal on our fishing boat.
Having a rough transition back to the world. Glad to be home but overwhelmed by a lot of reality at the same time.  Just too much uncertainty floating around right now.  Life should be more about fishing, umbrellas on the beach, cigars, cerveza and ceviche...

Anyway... two days down this week... two more to go.  Dentist checkup this morning and then a two hour ride and then I get to crash for a bit.  If I can make it through this week I am sure all will be fine. 

If not, I might be leaning on Melissa extra hard to sell off everything, say the hell with the world, load up the Jeep, and run away back to Mexico.

No Nuts. No Glory.

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  1. how about a yurt in Leadville? I'll mail up the little umbrella straws...