Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Found out today that my three month tour of duty working nights ends next Thursday.  I can't believe it.  I had resigned myself to the fact that I would be working nights for quite some time.  I am in shock but happy at the same time.  The past three months have definitely been challenge because of the work schedule.  

Anyway three months of hell is about to come to an an end.  No more sleeping four days a week in the basement on the futon.  That alone will be awesome.  This is my last night on this week, four more nights next week then back to days.  I can't wait.

Melissa and I have decided to stick around here for the weekend instead of taking off and doing anything.  We can do more if we stay home really than take off and go on a road trip.  We will be off and doing enough stuff through the summer anyway so a weekend around home will be nice.

Decent 11 mile run this evening. Melissa rode her bike along with me on the entire run.  Feeling a little beat up from the ride yesterday but it all worked out.  Nice four hour ride planned for tomorrow.  I am thinking go from the house up Almagre (Mount Baldy) and back. 


  1. having spent two years of my life in a fog from working nights I can tell you this is going to help your Leadman training immensely to be back on days. never underestimate the power of sleeping at night!

  2. No doubt. I will say that working shifts did force me to plan my workouts (or at least the times that I did them) both strategically and tactically, day by day almost. I tried to never go into a workout tired and then waste the workout and I always tried to make it so I had time to rest and recover afterwards. It was a good exercise in learning how not to force things so much.