Friday, May 31, 2013

A Day Off

Supposed to get up to 30 miles today running.

I think I am going to go and have Chinese food for lunch. 

While both statements are true both statements also illustrate the total disconnect I feel from training today.  I am tired and the idea of trying to cram in a big run (emphasis on cram) today is just exhausting.  Even more so if that wind is going like it has been all week.

There are days to buck it up and just get it done and there are days to just enjoy.  Today will be one of the days to enjoy and rest.

Took a pedal to the back of my right calf on a wreck yesterday and it is sore and swollen and not as loose as I would like it to be.  So I am going to baby it along today.  Maybe later I will get out on it and stretch it out a little. 

I will hit it hard tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday.  I think that will work. 

But for now... Lunch with Melissa, Sesame Chicken, Hot and Sour Soup, Fried Rice and an Egg roll sounds like the perfect plan for the day.  Tomorrow's run will be there tomorrow.

This is the Monarch Crest Trail.  I plan to ride it the last weekend of July.  Can't wait!

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