Monday, May 6, 2013

Having A Great Time

Speared my first fish this morning.  The largest trigger fish out of the group of us on the boat.  And that is what I had for lunch.  Great tasting, delicate fish.  Hope to get another one when I go again on Thursday.

Enjoying the trip so far.  I have run twice, a three miler and a 20 miler... Melissa has even ran with me some.  She went diving this morning and saw a pretty big nurse shark she said.   I didn't see any sharks today which is a good thing because spear gun or not, I don't want to be anywhere close to any sharks, really, ever.

The resort is pretty cool.  It is an all inclusive and in the past I have not been too impressed with all inclusive setups but this one is nice... Seems they are interested in providing more for you than just the basics that you pay for.  For instance, they cooked my fish for me today and made a great presentation of it.  I also think that they thought it was neat that I came in the restaurant carrying this big assed dead fish that I got just an hour earlier.

Running down here is the greatest.  So much to see and take in.  On yesterday's run I saw shades of blue in the water that I guess I never could of imagined.  Just beautiful.  And bonus!  No snow!

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