Thursday, May 16, 2013

Night Run

First night run of the year tonight.  Of course I have run plenty the past few months in the dark but this is really what I would call the first real night run of the year. The temps were comfortable and I only had to wear shorts and short sleeved shirt and my headlamp.  Just a very easy and casual cruise through the park.  Comfortable, relaxed, and happy.

This was also the second run of the day.  The first was a nasty progression run followed with hill repeats.  Melissa rode her bike and joined me so that made it a lot of fun.  She even did the hill repeats with me!

Today was bifurcated due to meetings at the office this afternoon.  So my "day" looked like this... sleep till noon, run, go to office, come home, eat dinner, sleep some more, run again, then shower and work.  Crazy, right?

But today is day four and I have only a few hours left on the clock.  Long ride for Thursday and I am looking forward to it.  I might try Old Stage/Gold Camp and stuff.  We will see.  I have managed my first week back post vacation and am feeling pretty good.  There is the possibility that I could be going back to days come June but I doubt it.  Actually I am sort of hoping to stay where I am for the rest of the year.  It took two months of pain to figure it out but now that I have it dialed in I am comfortable more or less.

And the upside to staying on is that when it does get warmer in a few weeks  I can run late at night on my breaks and do even more night running this summer. 

I really have never understood the entire fascination with all things Pirate so I really enjoyed this skit from Robot Chicken.  Warning, probably NSFW.

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  1. I guess this is one of the silver linings to my getting laid off...I get to join you for the occasional weekday workout.