Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Magic Mike

Today turned out well. Late, late, damned near afternoon start for my ride but I got it done.  Started out with great weather but then ended up in rain, hail, sleet and wind up on the USAFA.   Saw a huge snake but not sure what it was exactly.  I have contacted my goto snake expert K.S. for identification.

27.5 miles in 1:46.  Came home looking like the victim of a shotgun blast as both myself and the bike were completely covered in red/clay/mud.

Slept pretty good then woke up this evening and ventured upstairs.  Melissa was sitting on the couch and of course I announced that I was awake and asked where my dinner was...

No response...

I said, "Hey... where's my dinner?" Again, No answer...  WTF?  Maybe she took my joking too seriously? 

So I see she has her headphones in and is watching something on her laptop so she wasn't ignoring me on purpose so that's good.  She tells me to come over and that she wants me to see something.  I am sure by now you know where THIS is heading...

So I have seen things this evening that I never needed to see.  EVER.  Mathew McConaughey in a leather harness and cowboy hat... and some other dude break dancing... all the while wondering again... WTF???  And is there some man-card board that I need to contact to notify of this gross violation or possibly even surrender my card... Forever.

Finally it ended and I asked Melissa what the hell was that and why did I have to watch it???  She said she liked it and that it was pretty freaking hot.

I replied, "You know what is hot honey? You washing my bike!  Now THAT would be hot."

I had fun cleaning the kitchen tonight.  
Just last week.  Damn. 

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