Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Day Off

Lucho typically gives me Monday off as a recovery day but after the workload of the past week today was set as a rest day as well.  I didn't balk at it either... for once I am completely content to spend a Sunday doing damned near next to nothing.  I took Asia for a walk but that was about it.  I am looking forward to taking tomorrow off too.  I won't lie.

I feel really good about this past week.  For a five day training week I got in 16:34 total hours of training, 6:51 on the bike and  9:43 running.  77.5 and 51.5 miles respectively.  About 8K in elevation gain on the bike and over 13K for the week running.  The big push was the five hour/50 mile ride on Thursday followed by four hour/20 mile'ish runs on Friday and Saturday.  I got through it all and I am pretty content with that right now.

Had a guy pass me on his mountain bike as I was descending to Lower Gold Camp Road from the Red Rocks connector trail on my run yesterday.  The guy was flying!  But he wasn't out of control or anything like one typically sees around here... I mean I would have both hands full of brake and this guy just zoomed down as smooth as an Olympic skier going down a slope... it was cool to watch but also a little intimidating as I looked at the skill gap between his riding and mine.  

Six more weeks (five weeks and six days actually) until the Leadville Marathon.  I have been reading my old notes on the race from 2009 as well as reports form other runners to sort of get familiar with that course again, at least in my mind. I know from the last time I wrote, "Tough course.  The first hour was spent thinking, "dang it's hot" followed by "dang this is steep.""

The Leadville Marathon Elevation Profile


  1. Hot and steep, but we got's it! Your training is gonna pay off, and I'll see you at the finish line...hopefully you'll be waiting for me ;-)

  2. We will just have to wait and see Litha... Pretty confident I have a finish in me... past that I don't know. Still a few weeks off and I don't have any decent or reliable current benchmarks to look at. 5:36 is my time to beat... 3:02 to MP and then 2:34 back.