Sunday, April 7, 2013

Booty Time!

This is what the past week has felt like! Geez.

For those of you who happen to know me personally it isn't a secret that I like to keep my life low-key, low-drag and basically cruise under the radar of everyday life.  I really abhor drama, BS and chaos in general.

Or as one of my cousins said when we were hunting once, "A clean camp takes care of itself."  In a nutshell that is  how I try live.  Take care of the little nit-noity details and most other stuff falls into place and the unimportant stuff, well that stuff just falls off.  But wow, not this week!

Working the shifts last week, a mail order snafu, and my first parking ticket EVER were some of the wrinkles that accompanied the week.  They say that no matter how bad you have it, there is some poor bastard out there who has it worse than you do.  Well, eventually in that scheme there is inevitably the "bottom bastard" and maybe this week was my turn to be him!  At least I can still laugh but I was half serious when I told Melissa this afternoon that finding a bomb shelter to lay low in for a few days until this spell blows over might not be a bad idea!

But considering that it is day one in my four day work week, except for my workouts, I am more or less vanquished to living underground for the next 96 hours anyway so the problem may solve itself.

I have to say though, even with all of the stuff of the past week I managed to have a great training week.  7:44 of riding and 7:23 of running for a total of 15:07 training for the week.  Combined elevation gain was 16830 feet for the week.  I also had a ride on Friday that was just awesome.

It is hard to believe just how miserable I was training just three or four months ago.  It felt like nothing was working at all.  The focus on the bike which I was weak at was not fun and the focus on the bike made even the running a challenge so every single workout was a struggle it seemed.  Then slowly the cycling seemed to come on-line and not just the fitness but my confidence too.  Following that came just the ability to enjoy the rides themselves which I was not excepting at all.

Then it seemed that once we got to the point where my training load seemed to balance out to what would be equal to 70 miles per week or a touch greater which is my usual sweet spot I started to feel better about things overall.  The cycling was getting stronger but then I also started to have some good running days mixed in with the tough ones.  And once I understood why the tough were so tough (cause of the bike the day before usually) it all made sense! Now?  Now I seem to be having more strong days than not and I am recovering quite nicely too.  It's all starting to click.

Of course now I think is when we are going to start focusing more on the running, specifically getting ready for the marathon in 11 weeks and five days.  I can tell by Tuesday's planned workout that is the direction that we are headed. 

I think it won't be long and I will be missing the bike! 

Ed O'Neil gets it.  

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