Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Big Money

Melissa is on travel for work as spring travel season is here.  After Fall Travel, Fall Open Houses one and two, then reading season and then Spring Open Houses... Spring travel is nothing to deal with.  It is definitely easier to work around than fall travel as the trips are limited in both frequency and duration.

But when Melissa is gone on travel there is a huge challenge for both of us and that is diet of course.  She is constantly surrounded by nothing but "road food" and I tend to very easily, quickly, and readily slip into bachelor mode when it comes to meals and meal choices.  For me and I hate to admit this, when she is gone I really get sloppy when it comes to my dietary decisions and I do pay the price in the form an almost instant five to ten pound weight gain.  (see last fall for proof)

So before Melissa left left we were giving each other a hard time and came up with a contest idea to see who would lose the most (or gain the least maybe) over the duration of her trip.  We both officially weighed in on Saturday morning and we will both weigh in when she gets home on the first.

The stakes are high. If she wins, meaning loses the most weight, I have to pay for her SCUBA diving outings in Cozumel in two weeks.  If I win/lose the most weight, then she has to pay the house/dog sitter instead of me having to do it.  Loser also has to buy the winner dinner at Joseph's at some point in the near future.

This could be an expensive bet. 

It helps me as I really want to keep a few pounds off before the Cheyenne Mountain 50K.  And secondly... I don't mind being strict right now for a week or two cause I know it will all be blown to hell when I am in Mexico anyway, so it all works out.  I am seriously craving some decent tacos.

I know Melissa is really working hard on her end to win... She's way competitive so I can't slack or it's gonna cost me!  We will see how it goes.

Had a decent week training last week even with the weather.  Sunday was a treat with a long ride and I got to do some fun technical riding in Ute Valley for a bit.  Still working on the Cannondale and am now waiting on a torque wrench to install the new carbon handlebars.  I spent most of last night applying the Frame Skin to protect the frame.  It came out okay but nothing special.

Progression run Tuesday, easy bike on Wednesday and an easy run on Thursday before the race.  I am looking forward to going into the race rested and seeing how I do.  It is supposed to be sunny and warm on Saturday so regardless it will be awesome to be out in decent weather.

Going up to have dinner with Annie on Wednesday and that is always a treat.  Can't wait!

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