Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Today's Ride

Decent ride today on the Cannondale.  Made a slight adjustment on a cleat last night that made a huge difference.  I think if I tweak the saddle just a bit it might compensate enough for the handle bar reach and it will be 100% dialed in.  Overall really liking that bike.  Maybe even more than like.  The wind today... that was another matter.  Bring on the 90 degree days, bring on the drought and water restrictions... but dear god, no more of this wind!

Rode for an hour and half mid day.  Glad to get it in before the weather moves in tonight.

Followed that up with a nice walk with Asia in the park and Cohiba Siglo II.  Made sure she got a long walk in today as well before the weather moves in...  I have a feeling we won't be going outside much tomorrow for anything except maybe to shovel snow.

Today I weeded in the front yard and tomorrow I will probably be shoveling snow... damn this spring has been manic as hell.

Melissa comes home tomorrow.  I am probably going to end up losing our challenge.  I didn't drop any weight really but managed to maintain so I guess that is still good.  We won't know until the final weigh in.  We talked today and both agreed these trips of her's get really old after a week.  She had White Castle today... I won't comment anymore on that...  But still, compared to the fall this has been a snap and after she gets back we have a really fun summer ahead of us starting with a Rockies game on the 18th after we get back from Mexico.  Nice.  

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