Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Waitng For The Snow / JFK 50

If the weather were nicer or the forecast more favorable I would just run this morning after work but since neither one of those is the case I am going to crash.  I am not holding out much hope for precipitation but you never know.  I did fert the back yard yesterday in case we do get some good moisture.

A little sore "yesterday" from hammering it down Longs Ranch Road on Sunday but not too bad.  I am sure it won't impact today's run workout when I finally get to it.

I have made the decision to register for the JFK 50 in MD in November.  I've run the trail portion before on my own. It is 20 miles or so of the AT and I loved it so I am definitely hoping to get in.

Melissa leaves for travel the 20th through the 1st of May.  I have the MTB race on the 20th and the CM 50K on the 27th.  Then on May 4 we leave for Cozumel and I am looking forward to running around the island and through the jungle down there.  That is going to be awesome!

Ready for summer and definitely ready to be getting up to Lake Country to train and hang out. Can not wait!

Soon.  Very Soon.  TQ Lake looking west towards MQ.

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