Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Cannondale is Done

Finished working on the Cannondale tonight.  I think... maybe, maybe one more adjustment and that will be a shorter handlebar stem.  The current stock stem is 100mm and I might actually need a 90mm.  Right now it sort of feels like I am too far forward but I will know for certain after a few rides.  I think I have the bike pretty dialed in fit wise so it might just be as small difference in frame geometry between the Cannondale and the Trek that I am feeling. 

The bike comes in right at 23 pounds even.  I was shooting for 22 and change I think this is about it.  It feels super light and I have to say that just from riding it around the bit that I was this evening that I really enjoy the responsiveness of the hardtail frame.  I know it is not the best for all terrains and types of riding but when I get out of the saddle and start torquing on the bike it gets up and goes!

I will take on it's first solid outing on Sunday when I am on my recovery ride after the Cheyenne Mountain 50K which is on Saturday.

I am really looking forward to the 50K in two days.  Today was my last run for the week, a short and easy three miler.  Tomorrow I will rest, help with the packet pickup at CRC and then race Saturday.  The weather should be perfect and I guess the trails will be clear by then.  It's going to be fun.


  1. Good lookin' ride. I might come down to watch (and ride afterwards) the race Saturday, so maybe see you there.

  2. sweet bike. have a great 50km this weekend!

  3. Awesome Tim... let me know if you are coming down and need a place to crash. Thanks Kiki... I hope to! :)