Friday, April 5, 2013

Leadership? WTF?

I was on my last bottle of MAP last week and I decided to reorder some as to not run out.  I placed my order through Protocol Supplements which was the same vendor that I used the last time that I ordered four bottles as they had the best prices on the net and were recommended to me by a reliable source.

I ordered four bottles again on April 1, a total of 151 bucks... 161 after shipping and handling.  

So... I get home from my run on Thursday and there is a huge envelope in the mail I see that the return address is labeled Protocol and I am excited because I know I have another two months osf MAP work with now.  Cool!  I love the product and I think it has been super beneficial for me both during and after my workouts.  I was concerned about running out.

Well... I hope the package but by now I am skeptical because it feels more like a book, or a box within the envelope rather than four bottles.  WTF?  I open the envelope and this is what I see...

So what the fuck am I supposed to do with this?
It is a book on leadership... no MAP... fuck me, and not even any MAP dust in the envelope.  I am shocked and I feel like I just got hit in the gut and the air knocked out of me with a cheap sucker punch.

So I get online and check the Protocol Supplements website out just to see if they even carried this hokey book and maybe that would explain the mistake.  Nope.  Now I am really confused.  I email the site owner (and over 24 hours later do not have an actual email response BTW) but basically decided to call and find out what I could.

Fortunately Protocol Supplements is located in Laguna Beach, CA, so it was still before five p.m. PDT when I called and got in touch with Cody Oakland the owner of Protocol Supplements himself.  Long story short I sent him a lot of text messages with images of the package and the book.  It appears the package was reopened and resealed sometime in transit, maybe, and the book put in at that time.  Who knows.

But what I do know is that he more or less just laughed at me incredulously, asked more questions and seemed dumfounded himself.  What I also know is that he failed to make any effort or offer to right this situation.  I texted him this morning and he suggested I go to the PO and see what they might do (which is nill I bet... those poor bastards can barely get the mail delivered on time much less figure something out like this) and that he (Cody) would work on it from his side, whatever that means.  I think it means I am hosed in this deal.

I am afraid that in the end I am fucked out of $161.75 (That's a pair of Hokas folks) and also will be out of my MAP supply within a week.

So in the end... if any of my readers ever contemplated doing business with Cody Oakland or Protocol Supplements I recommend taking your money and customer service expectations elsewhere.

On that note, I have a leadership book for sale... cheap.  :) 


  1. Dude, get it off Amazon. They have good pricing and deals were it comes with other stuff. Please I think they would have fixed this if it came from them.

  2. I have that book. Corporate weenie book on leadership. Decent book but you got stiffed.

  3. Sorry to hear this, Andy. I agree with Shad. I never go with the low bidder. I go with the company I trust, even if their prices may be higher.


  4. Well Wyatt... the dude did come through the first time. It wasn't just a matter of going with the lowest bidder on a whim.