Sunday, March 31, 2013

The (R)Ides of March

I can not believe that March is done but even though I can't believe it I have to say that I am ultimately grateful as it has been a very challenging month.  I've come out on top for certain but it's been a fight the entire way it seems. I am praying April provides some relief.

March's numbers overall are not that bad.  325 miles of riding with 200 miles of running and between cycling and running I am averaging over 16K in elevation gain per week.  I find that statistic a little interesting especially since it seems to be rather consistent week to week.  From a time volume standpoint it works out to be about 32 hours of cycling and 36:30 of running.

I've been working on the Cannondale a bit.  I need a block of a few hours to switch the tires over to tubeless and I hope to get that done this week at some point.  It is still weeks off from being ridden.  Also I am still shopping for the right carbon handle bars.  I know what I want but the exact specs are proving to be hard to find.  This bike is going to be a BEAST once I am done.  It started at and even 24lbs... so I can't wait to see what I can get it down to.

So bring on April!  Warmer days... more training.  More riding and hopefully being able to ride up higher.  I am actually going to start racing in April too!  Possibly a MTB race on the 20th followed by the CM 50K on the 27th.  I am definitely looking forward to the 27th as that is just such a fun race and I can't wait to do it again.

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