Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Friday! (No, seriously, it is!)

Happy Friday!  Well at least for me.  Today starts my day four of my four day (night) work week which began last Sunday.  Basically for now and for the foreseeable future (either until I get laid off voluntarily or involuntarily from Verizon and get my package that is) this is my schedule.  9p - 8a starting Sunday nights and ending on Thursday mornings.  So far this week seems to have been manageable for the most part.

Besides staying up all night, and having to try to sleep during the day the hardest part of this is the diet aspect and not eating too much.  And since sodas are off the table for me finding interesting ways to get the blood flow moving and the HR up has been fun.  The first two nights at the office when I was struggling to stay awake I did multiple sets of push ups and crunches until failure then I was okay.  Last night working at home I did a quick 30 minute session on the bike trainer and that really got me amped up.  So instead of this schedule cratering my training I am trying to use it to my benefit to augment my training. Smart, huh?

I had a good run this evening.  I got a new lease signed on the cottage this afternoon so I couldn't run until that was done at four.  I felt something today running that I had not felt in a long time.  The sun!  As I was going across the mesa I could actually feel the sunbeams warming me up and it felt great!  I know the weather is going to change the next few days but still it was a nice change.  I ran into Paul Doyle up on the Mesa too and we talked a bit. I wished him luck in the Salida half this weekend.  I told him it is one of the best and most fun half marathons out there.

I am not going to let the weather change hamper my plans for Saturday.   The weather is still going to be crappy but the wind will be out of the north so at my back for the most part so that will help considerably both with energy expenditure and heat retention.  The plan is to do an eight mile loop here in the Springs then come back to the house and get my vest and stuff and then head south for the 37 mile trip to Penrose.  I will cache water and Gatorade on Friday somewhere about halfway.

But the next few days are going to be a blast... Melissa and I are going out with friends tomorrow night, Friday night we are going to Joseph's for my birthday dinner and then I have my run to the hot springs on Saturday.  I am pretty excited!

I love this video.  I will not be going as fast as this guy is though and I don't plan on passing anyone unless forced to do so in this segment.  That risk is not worth that much reward for me.   From what I have been able to figure out from other videos is that it will take 3-5 minutes to get down the actual nasty power line part to the valley floor and I plan to take my time getting down there.  Anyway, this video is fun and gets the adreneline pumping for the race.