Monday, March 18, 2013

The Magic of a Warm Hat

It is Monday night, day two of work for the week starts in 16 minutes.  Watching The Bates Motel on A&E and it's actually pretty good I think.

Pretty good training week last week.  Saturday's long run got a little involved as the weather turned mid-run to rain and cold. It was so weird to actually smell rain  as it definitely is not a common thing in Colorado anymore, rain or the smell of rain.  Anyway, the weather got cold, wet and windy as I was coming back through GOG on my way home.

I stopped at the top of three hours... added another layer, gloves and hat and then I was perfectly comfortable the whole way home.  That hat really did the trick and made the biggest difference overall.  Without it I bet the last hour of running would not have nearly as pleasant.

Decent numbers last week training.  79.2 miles riding, 56.15 running.  Funny though, it comes out to 6:19 of riding and 9:27 of running.

I had the most awesome ride last Thursday too.  40+ miles and I was all over the place.  I am finding lately that I am enjoying the bike more and more.  Not only am I enjoying it, I feel like I am getting better and better on each ride.   The funny thing is that I am starting to feel that I am getting stronger on the bike than I am at running.  It could be a function that we have been working mostly on the bike these past few months or it could be a sign that my talents (if any) might not be in running after all.  We will see.

I bet in about eight weeks these numbers will be mild in comparison.  Fourteen weeks and five days till the Leadville Marathon, the first race in the 2013 Leadman Series. 

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