Sunday, March 3, 2013

Did I Miss My Calling?

Perhaps but I doubt it.  Today was one of those rides which does make me wonder why I never stuck to riding a bike or took it more seriously. I am sure there are 100's of reasons and they were all practical but it was a good time on the bike today.

The ride to Woodland Park up the pass was a workout the entire way.  Going up to Rampart Range Road and across to Mount Herman Road was just beautiful and the ride down Mt. Herman road was a complete blast.

Today I also set a new PR for the most miles I have ever ridden at one time. 61.4 miles and in the end I had 5872 feet of elevation gain.  Again, not too bad!

This will be a great ride in the summer months and later in the spring and I can't wait to do this one again.

Up the pass, across the range, down to Monument and back home. A great early spring ride.
Today's elevation profile.  The steep descent was Mt. Herman Road.
All in all a solid training week.   6:47 running, 8:48 riding, 15:36 total. 


  1. I rode up 24 Larry to WP then I rode up to Rampart Range Road and went north to NFSR 320 and then to Monument. I don't think it is open between WP and GOG yet. I sure wish it was as I think that will be a great training road.