Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another Good Week

Had a great week of training this past week.  12:40 of running, and 3:06 of riding.  Like always the riding was intense as I was feeling Thursday's workout on the trainer for a good 48 hours after.  Pulled down 24 miles for Saturday and 26 miles for Sunday this weekend and I am feeling great.

Lucho recommended it and I am going to endorse this as well.  I have been taking MAP for about two weeks now in conjunction with my workouts and I think it is making a huge difference my ability to recover and the quality of my workouts as a result.  The stuff is kind of pricey but I intend to use it from now till after the Leadville races are over.

This stuff is awesome!

I have also made a couple of other changes nutrition wise in the area of what products I use when training with positive results. 

Without going into a lot of reasons for it past saying it is a personal decision, I am not going to write in my blog anymore until after the Leadman series is over if even then.  I intend to leave this blog up if anyone wants to use it for reference or anything but for the next few months I will not be contributing to it or making any updates.

So that being said, I wish everyone an awesome spring and summer and a great racing season.