Monday, February 11, 2013

Mt Rosa

Ran up to Mt Rosa from North Cheyenne Canyon yesterday during the snow with Lisa.  It was probably one of the best winter runs ever.  Perfect temps, no wind, and the snow was light and dry. It was my first time ever going up to Mt Rosa, actually my first time ever going past St. Mary Falls or much past it in all of the time that I have lived here in Colorado.

All I can say is wow... this trail is amazing.  Lots of vertical gain and it gets up there in altitude really quickly.  Hell, even before you get to Mt. Rosa itself you cross into Teller county.  But seriously yesterday's run was a great learning experience and has opened my trail running and training options for the warmer months exponentially.

I used to run Gold Camp to Old Stage an then to Frosty's Park, etc, but I always hated running on Old Stage Road because it is the NASCAR driving wannabe highway anymore it seems... this way I can get to Frosty's Park, Almagre, etc, and not have to deal with the road anymore.  NICE!  Plus I plan to cache tons of water up in that area this summer so that will make it that much easier to stay out long on those runs. 

And the last great thing about this discovery and getting back there more easily is that pretty much within and hour of leaving the Lower Gold Camp parking lot I am up and running at over 10K in elevation.  Perfect!

All in all not a bad training week.  Not the highest volume but 6:26 of running and 5:06 of riding.  But I have to say that the two riding sessions, Tuesday and Thursday were not long but the repeats during those rides were insane.

Today is a day off of course and I am just going to enjoy that! 

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