Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Wonky Training Week

I was all excited to get home tonight, download my Garmin, and admire all of my work and time spent training this past week. 

From a time volume standpoint I am pretty happy, 16:12:55 total for the week but when you look at the miles cycling and the miles running both are very, very low.  I figure it was just the nature of the workouts and for the present I will ignore the possibility that I am getting even slow than I ever imagined.

The duration total is cool but it is way out of sync relative to actual miles this week.
Today's run was a bitch up to Mt. Rosa.  The trail was very icy and since my dumb ass ate half of the buffet offerings at the Broadmoor this morning I was easily carrying several extra pounds on board just from breakfast.  Plus I was way more wrecked from yesterday than I was expecting and that played into it I am sure.

Bouncing around the idea of a 45 mile run for my birthday weekend and might do that on March 9.  Everyone else will be in Salida that weekend so it will definitely be a solo trip I am sure.  We will see. 

Glad tomorrow is a day off.


  1. Judge Lithsa PrethidingFebruary 17, 2013 at 7:43 PM

    Better ask coach. Self assult because of dietary intake is a little...overly focused no? ;-)

  2. I think I was just more tired than the food but it is easier to blame overeating than to think I was tired. But, being tired today was part of the plan, I was supposed to be.

  3. Could the time/miles comparison be related to trails vs roads. The miles come a lot slower on the trails both running and biking.