Friday, February 8, 2013

It's like this and like that.

Just a lot of miscellaneous stuff to catch up on.  Overall it has been a decent training week so far.  Tuesday's ride was awesome which is kind of different.  Of course I felt Tuesday's ride during Wednesday's run which was okay.   Thursday's ride was a killer... I did 2:00 max effort hill repeats on Flying W Road from the elementary school up the hill with only 2:00 RBI.  Now those freaking hurt and I DEFINITELY felt all of that on my easy, super-easy ride to the bike shop this morning to drop the bike off for a tune up.

The bike... ugh, that bottomless pit of fricken money... The tune up is free but I am paying for getting the tires rotated, more sealant, new rear brake pads (cause stopping IS important) and there's about 90 bucks for you.  I figure on the average $100 bucks goes into the bike a month one way or the other.  I already know that I am going to be paying to put on new front rings, rear cassette and chain in a few months, as well as new tires, again...  I also still need to beef up my tool and flat fixing inventory that I carry around with me just in case.   Thankfully the shop gave me a huge discount on the drive-train components when I bought the bike and they are brand new sitting in boxes waiting.  I figure I will get all of that done in June.  I think.

Anyway, the point of all of this is that cycling costs a shit ton more than running.

I may have sustained my first cycling related injury too!  Last week I kept waking up every morning and the ring-finger on my right hand would be bent closed while all of my other fingers were relaxed. I could extend the finger but not before it would issue and uncomfortable "pop" in the process.  It seemed to mostly go away during the daytime but it was so different that I had to go see my MD about it.

He nailed it as "Trigger Finger" right off the bat when he saw it.  Surprised me because I didn't even know that was a real ailment.  Anyway, he gave me a big old painful shot of cortisone my my hand and when that finger stopped being numb and burning several hours later it did seem to be a lot better.   It is suspected that the weight on my right hand when riding is such that it causes pressure on that nerve and that affects the finger.  So there, cycling cost me another fifteen bucks possibly just for my co-pay. 

But the usual training ups and downs are still happening, and just fortunately right now things seem to be swinging in more of an upwardly direction.  I think that is mostly because the days are getting noticeably longer and it is just not that bitter cold so that helps the outlook on training.  Last weeks MAF Test on the track was an awesome confidence booster for me as well and Sunday night's run up to tree line and back down on the peak.  Of course I had DOMS for three days after running down but that is part of the game.  I can't remember the last time I ever got sore though.

This weekend, track workout tomorrow and then a long three-four hour trail run with elevation gain focus on Sunday.  Hopefully Dr. Lisa gets her priorities straight and comes down to run with me on Sunday.  She probably will as there is a trip to Kings Chef as part of the deal.

Next week is going to be NUTS and I am already steeling myself to get ready to get through it all.  I have business meetings for both of my companies, GFA and TriPeaks, as well as getting my taxes done, a crown re-done, Valentines Day, a Mardi Gras Party, Melissa's birthday on the 17th. (going to the Broadmoor for brunch for that)    I feel like I have missed some things in there too.  Like work, training and getting the bike back from the shop on Monday.  See... Nuts.

Ran across this video this morning while cruising for music on youtube.  Not only did Jenni take on and finish Leadville, she got Boston and the San Juan Solstice done in the same year.  AND, she did a R2R of the Grand Canyon too.  That's a completely solid season right there and seeing that video this morning was really motivating.  Her husband Corey did an awesome job putting the video together.

Everybody have a great weekend!

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