Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June and Everything After

June is done... Miles for June, 250.59. Not too bad. July is already off to a great start after being able to spend a few days in the high country training and relaxing.

As of the time of this writing, I am #13 on the HR100 wait list and after great consideration I have decided to not go down to Silverton this week to wait and see if I can get in. After running up in the mountains and the conditions that I encountered the past several days I will just say that yes, I am disappointed that I did not get into Hardrock this year but I am glad that I am NOT running it this year due to the conditions. After seeing recent course photos I will just stay at home and keep my focus on the more important and immediate goals.

1. Sub ten in the Pb Silver Rush 50.
2. Pace LT100.
3. Run the Bear in Sept.
4. Take a step back and set myself up for a good year training for the big buckle
in Leadville for August 2012.

There are other goals mixed in there but those are the high points.

Much more to report from the past few days but for now I'll call this the June update and recap.