Monday, June 27, 2011


Summer is finally here it seems. Melissa and I went to Manitou last night to walk around and play some skeeball and we could not believe just how hot it was for that late in the evening. Summer is definitely here.

Had a rough recovery week last week after the San Juan Solstice. Mentally I was doing well but my legs felt beat up all week and overall I just felt very tired most of the time. I slept like the dead every night it seems. Had some good runs this weekend so I am glad to report that I am bouncing back.

Nothing new to report regarding Hardrock. I did dream the other night that I got in and I could see my name on the roster in my dream. The whole situation is sort of scary. Brooks and I ran up to Barr Camp yesterday and we were talking to Neil and he told us about the time that he ran it and found out just minutes before the start that he was in... I'd be a wreck waiting down to the wire like that, but it could happen.

Reading a really cool book right now... On A Pale Horse by Piers Anthony. Actually I read it years ago when I was Germany but I am going to read the entire series over again.

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