Thursday, June 2, 2011

June... Already???

I can't believe that it is June already. This time in just two weeks I will be packing things up and getting ready to head to Lake City for the San Juan Solstice. It is funny how I typically view The SJS 50 as an early season race but after running Desert Rats and Jemez, SJS feels more like a mid to late summer race rather than early.

Closed out May with a total of 208 miles. I pulled way back, taking a lot more rest days while really focusing on quality the days that I did run which I think has made a difference. I am showing some signs of actually becoming faster. First sub thirty minutes ascent of the Incline in May... ran a 6:12 mile... and let's not forget having a great run at Jemez. I am happy with May.

In the "Be careful for what you wish for," department... I am now up to #21 on the Hardrock 100 wait list. There are mixed thoughts at this point on if I will get in or not. Some think yes, some think maybe and some firmly say no. Me... I'm not so sure. I know that I don't want to get so far down on the wait list that it would be stupid of me to NOT go to Silverton but make the trip then not get in. At the same time I'm not up for the going down there and playing the waiting game till the morning of the race either. It is fair to say and most agree that if I end up in the #10 slot or below that I will be going there for the start.

As of last week basically I was sitting at 29 I think and I did some math where I was guessing that maybe 20% of those on the run roster would not run for various reasons, injuries, illness, family emergencies, etc... that cleared like 28 out of the roster leaving only 112 runners... THEN I figured the same amount drops out of the wait list... 20%... which removes 6 runners and leaves only 23... I figure many on the wait list will not have planned to go, either travel, time, or money and won't make it, they can be injured, sick and or just not able to go for other reasons as well.

Regardless... Using that math, with me previously at 29 slides up to at least 23 which puts me right in there and possibly a few others behind me... Wonky math, based on guesswork as opposed to hard stats but I think it is still sorta reasonable. My overall guess is that I could get in as well as two to three other runners behind me. We will just have to wait and see. It definitely adds and element of suspense to the summer.

But I am not going to allow myself to be distracted by Hardrock at this time. The San Juan Solstice has been the focus all along this year and I am going to keep it in focus still. If I let myself get distracted by Hardrock prematurely, that distraction could easily derail my plans for both SJS and Hardrock if I were to actually get in.

I am looking forward to my trip to Leadville next week and staying up high the last few days before San Juan. I am certain that is going to help!

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  1. I would be going nuts if I didn't know if I was racing or not. That's tough.