Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nothing But Questions

I've been sorta quiet the past few weeks, I know. Mostly just getting ready for the San Juan Solstice and focusing on that. As of today, just a few days before the race things are looking sort of complicated and if not complicated, then just plain "unknown" in regards to the next few weeks of life.

Heavy snow in the San Juan Mountains may force the Solstice course to be altered. While I don't want to run in extremely nasty conditions and deep snow up on the divide, this is disappointing to me as I have been planning to run the traditional course all these months. Even if we do run the traditional course, chances are the race will be more "wet" than it has been in the past few years.

The one upside is that the weather forecast for Lake City for this weekend is favorable for good day of running.

Hardrock... I'm #19 now... up two slots from before. It is too soon to start planning time off around the 8th of July yet but I am starting to become concerned about being selected or not. So while not as imminent as the San Juan Solstice questions and concerns... this one is still lingering out there as well.

Also, if I do run HR100 (which I know is very doubtful) then I definitely will not be running the Leadville Silver Rush 50 miler July 17. I do know that much.

Speaking of my favorite town in the high country... I just came back from six days up there and had a great time. I completely loved the silence the clear air, well as long as it wasn't smoky from the forest fires in NM and AZ. I had some good runs up there and felt pretty good overall. I can not believe how much snow is up there yet but it seems to be melting rather quickly. I did find a very, very cool trail behind the fish hatchery leading back into the wilderness area that will require more investigation when things warm up more and there is less run off.

I am still on to pace my cousin John in the LT100 and I am completely excited about that. Running the other night I was thinking about it and one of the coolest things about being a pacer is that I don't have to run down the south side of Hope Pass! :) That hill kills me!

Nothing else to really report... I am glad that summer is here and that I have been able to take a day off here and there from work and enjoy the weather and stuff. I am learning that I need to do that more often.

Everyone have a great week and I will be sure to write before SJS50 if anything earth shattering arises and if not then, I will be writing the race write up afterwards for certain.

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