Monday, May 30, 2011

San Juan Solstice, Snowpack, and Stuff.

There is still a possibility that the San Juan Solstice will not be ran on the classic course due to way too much snow in the back country yet.

I've been following the snow depths at Slumgullion and the snow IS melting and should all be gone by race day. Of course that is a bit lower than up on the Divide so who knows how much snow would still be up there.

The current snow depths can be found here.

Snotel Report

There is good news though... All of this ridiculous wind may help and do some good after all. Massive amounts of dust from AZ have been blown into the high country the past couple of days with all of the high winds out of the south. This will help to accelerate the melting and subsequent run off now. An article about the dust is here.

My prediction is that the race will be run on the normal course... BUT the creek crossings in Alpine Gulch are going to be super cold, fast and ugly with the water running at peak run off levels. Just a guess but that is what I am predicting.

Everyone have a nice Memorial Day.

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