Monday, July 25, 2011

Playtime is Over

I've had a relaxing and very low mileage week post Silver Rush 50. After four continuous months of being in train, taper, race, recover, train, taper, race, recover... mode, I was ready for a break and do some other things.

I ran the Classic 10K on Saturday and that was fun in different kind of way. My time was 44:32 and I was 11th in my age group. I am so not a road runner but this was still fun to go that fast and be done in less than an hour.

Now for this week, it's back to work. I need to log some miles this week to bring my July total mileage up to something somewhat respectable. Then August is going to be a huge month for me 300+ miles for certain. I only have about eight and half weeks until the BEAR 100. So I need to get with it now and get the mileage and training volume up for the next five weeks at least.

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