Friday, July 15, 2011

Up Again

I'm back or so it seems and feeling so much better. Still no clue as what the root cause was this week but I am seriously starting to suspect total electrolyte depletion from the hot run on Wednesday. I only say that as I didn't start to really come around until I started on a cycle of Salt Stick Caps yesterday taking two caps every hour or two or so. That seemed to help a lot. Still a touch bloated this morning but nothing hurt.

Well, nothing hurt except my left knee which I just attribute to the pounding it took on Wednesday. Hurt is an overstatement though, let's just say I am aware that it is there but not overly concerned as I am sure after taking off tomorrow I will be fine by Sunday morning.

Ran five miles this afternoon but took it easy and slow. It wasn't an impressive run by any stretch but It let me know that I am going to be okay and that a day or two of rest now won't hurt me.

I have had a great day off. My bags and gear for the race are packed. I was able to have a nice phone chat with my cousin John and all around just enjoy a low stress day. Looking forward to the weekend now. I will be stopping at Pancho's on the way to the race... Gotta have my mondo-combo burrito! :)

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