Monday, July 11, 2011

Good Weekend

Had a good weekend this weekend. First of all had a blast keeping tabs on the Hardrock 100 race. I can't tell you the last time I watched a televised sporting event but wow... During Hardrock I was hitting the refresh button constantly on the Live Update page like a lab monkey hitting the lever to get another rock of crack.

Had a decent 3-2 run on the summit of the peak this weekend. Ran out of time so didn't get the "1" in. Still some good time spend at high altitude. Actually this is the first that I have been above 12.5K I bet all year and I was pleasantly surprised at how well I managed. Annie went up too and had a nice hike down 1.5 and back up. She is and has always been such a STRONG hiker.

Sunday I ran the Section 16, Palmer Loop in an hour and 16 seconds. I think that is a new PR for me on that stretch. I ran on Sunday afternoon after the storms had passed. One thing that I love about Colorado, or at least Colorado Springs trails in the summers... After a good rainstorm or just after, you are always almost guaranteed to have just about any trail to yourself as nobody else will be out. Love it!

Hoping to make this a short work week. I am still burning my carryover from last year and I want to take Friday off just to hang out. Saturday we will head up to Leadville for the Silver Rush 50 and I am really excited about that. My parents are flying into Denver on Thursday and are going to go up to Leadville this weekend for the race and that will be fun as they have never been to Leadville before.

Jury is still out on the Garmin. I had planned yesterday's run to fully check it out but the battery died n the way to the trail. My fault I need to charge it more I guess. I am so used to having the 205 just sit in the cradle and the 310 works differently so I need to charge it more. It did pretty good on Saturday up on the peak so I am optimistic now.

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