Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Was THAT?

This has been a strange week and I haven't been feeling well for most of it. Of course all of this I was not able to piece together until today or so.

On Tuesday I ran five miles and suffered every inch of every mile. Hell, I even stopped a few times as I just could not go. I was feeling extreme soreness in my legs which didn't make any sense seeing that my long weekend runs were days behind me and otherwise I should have been feeling better but they just felt dead. Motivation for the run was hovering around zero as well. Tuesday night I slept fitfully and did not get much rest. Wednesday morning I did not want to get out of bed.

Somehow, looking back it is all a fog now, I was able to get through yesterday with work and all and take Asia to puppy school. I still was not feeling great but muddling through. Once we returned from class I started to feel cold and achy all over. The symptoms that had been stealthily creeping up on me for three days finally ambushed me full force with a fever, chills and aches all over.

Sixteen hours of sleep later and taking it easy and I feel much, much better. I have zero clue what it was but it cost me two days of running. One day of work, and really the quality of life this week sorta sucked as I was slowly becoming ill. Regardless it feels so much better to be on the other side.

Hardrock... yeah. I just looked at the weather forecast for Silverton and Telluride for this weekend and from the looks of it this race may just be a wet one. Next year... next year. I still feel good about my decision. I doubt if I could have gotten in but it is the HR100... not the HR50. I still stand by what I told another friend today and that is that you don't mess around with 100 miles. You better be in shape (and I really think that I am) but you gotta be 100 % sure you can do it, you have to have a crew that you can also rely on 100% and they have to know their stuff 100% too. In otherwords, you can't fake it. I know that, and to go down there with a half assed plan would just be inviting disaster for me. Regardless I am excited to see how all of the runners do this weekend and read the race reports from the weekend. I wish everyone a fun and safe race.

As for me... I have to get over this crud. I am still not 100% happy with my Garmin 310xt yet and need to test it out some more. I've talked to Garmin and they are willing to replace it and that is good. Hoping to spend some time this weekend at very high altitude and just taking it easy getting ready for the next race.

All I know is that after feeling cruddy for a few days it is so nice to be feeling better in comparison!


  1. Just curious, what's up with the 310XT? I've got a 405 and was thinking of getting a 310 for the longer battery life.

  2. @mtnrunner2... it has been giving me issues.

    In the past week the 310xt has...

    1. Measured a ten mile run as eight and change... wrong.
    2. Measured a ten mile run as 14 and change, and while I was flattered I know damned well that I was not kicking off 3 minute + miles as the Garmin was indicating.
    3. Lost all satellites .78 miles into another run, never to recapture signal.
    4. Not to mention the 20 hours of battery life advertised doesn't add up to 20 yet.

    So not so happy with it right now. My 205 worked a lot better in comparison.

  3. Andy - That's frustrating. I've had a few glitches with the 405 but pretty minimal, but still aggravating to lose info. Yours may be a defective unit. Or mabye they need a firmware fix. Mine has gotten better since a couple of updates.

    Brandon has one and we run similar terrain, I'll see if he still likes it.


  4. @mtnrunner, I got mine after talking to Brandon. After doing the "reset" that Garmin suggested it seems to be doing much better. Today I did a 3-2 run from the Pikes Peak summit and it seemed to be tracking fairly accurately. After finishing the 10 miles I was only off by about a 1/4 a mile but since the marking signs up there are suspect anyway it wasn't a huge surprise. I'll run another better known course tomorrow then I will decide. Hey... I should be happy though, it didn't show me doing a 3.5 minute mile through the 16 Golden Stairs! LOL! :)