Monday, January 7, 2013

Working With The Weather

The break in weather today allowed for a great 2:16 bike ride.  I definitely have to say that riding that Trek outside is a heck of a lot more enjoyable than riding inside.  After a few days away from the bike I was able to really appreciate just how smooth of a machine that thing really is today.  Out of curiosity, I weighed the bike today and it comes in at 25 pounds and 12 oz... not too shabby of a setup for an amateur like me.  I could probably drop the bike weight some more if I tried but I'll focus on dropping MY weight instead. 

Today's fun squiggly lines... 2:16:16 of riding, 26.04 miles with 2454 of gain and an avg HR of 138 BPM.  

Tomorrow should be a nice day again and I get to run. 

Melissa is trying a new experiment... she has commandered my juicer after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  One thing I have learned from her efforts so far is to be careful about how much ginger you put into a juice mix.  Too much yields very interesting results.

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