Sunday, January 6, 2013

A So-So Week

Not a whole lot of volume this week due to the holiday and taking today off as well.  We also had to switch workouts during the middle of the week as the temps were too cold out to ride so instead of a long ride or two, did a couple of sessions on the trainer followed by a run.  Still for the week I got 6:38 of running in and 2:04 of riding in, of course both of those workouts were on the trainer.  Anyway, 8:42 total training time for the week.  Sounds light and easy but those two bike workouts were tough and I think I was still feeling them when I ran yesterday.

Spent the weekend up by Florissant with Melissa, Annie and the dogs.  It was good to get away.  Gave me some quiet time to think about things and what not.  Most of all being up there I was able to really observe and appreciate that the hours of daylight while still short are definitely getting longer which I am glad to see.  Also I am excited for the week of 40 degree temps that we have coming up.

Lastly, my weight is going in the right direction still.  I have gone from 157.4 on the 3rd of December to 144.8 today, the 6th of January.  I still miss and want some things from time to time but those impulses pass.  I mean really...with everything that has gone on the past three-four weeks, I think that if I were to breakdown and buy a Mountain Dew Big Gulp and a box of donuts it would have happened already I think.  :)

Need to go to the store... I have a craving for a pound of shrimp... See, Paleo eating ain't all that bad!  :)


  1. Andy,

    If you like you can do some rides with us. We were out 3 1/2 hours yesterday and 4 hours today. The weather ain't bad if you dress for it. I pretty much limited to riding now, since I've managed to come up with Plantar Fasciitis. I've taken a week off and really miss my morning runs.

  2. Hey Larry,

    Yeah I hope to ride with you all this coming weekend. Wednesday was just too damned cold for me to go out and focus on riding. Maybe I am still a wimp?! :) Gotta do a two hour ride today and it should be nice. Can't wait.