Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Things are going well!

Almost through another month of Leadman training.  This past week wasn't too bad volume-wise but the intensity of Saturday and Sunday's workouts really kicked my butt.

Speaking of my butt, I dropped the money this weekend for a new bike saddle too.  Hopefully this one will work out better for me.  The funny thing about getting the new seat was that the salesman at Pro Cycling measured me... agreed and said that I would do better with a different seat but that was where he dropped the ball.  I had to basically say in very clear language while pointing him to the wall display, to please sell me a new seat.  It was like he didn't want to or couldn't make the connection. It would have made for a funny skit.

The business is going great, lots of interest and a ton of potential clients.  The weekend was spent updating the business web page and getting it migrated to a different platform.  Of course during that migration the page was down as well as the business e-mail.  Everything came back Monday night and is working 100% normal now.

I also wrote a new blog entry for the business blog this morning.  I have taken the gloves off in a sense when it comes to sharing my views of diet, diets, and weight-loss in this country.  You can read the article here on

And in other great news... going to Cozumel for a week at the beginning of May.  Melissa will be diving a lot... I plan for fly fish in the lagoons, read a lot and just chill.  I will be running a lot then but I know the island pretty well and I am looking forwards to running all around, over and through the jungles and jeep roads. 

Typical bonefish habitat in the lagoons on the north side of Cozumel island.  Can't wait to fish it again!

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