Thursday, January 17, 2013

Today is the the day!

Today is the day I have been working so feverishly towards the past weeks.  Today I launched Tri Peaks Consulting, my life coaching company.

You can read more about my endeavor on the company's official blog page here at

Also my webpage is a work in progress but the basics are there...

Right now my two biggest principles in finding this company and service, and making it work are  that I believe that if one does what one loves then it isn't work.  Secondly, do what you love and the rewards will follow.

I have always been most passionate about working with and helping people and it is time now that I put my years of education and training in that field to work as well!

So please take a gander at the website, check out the blog as there will lots of interesting material there and if you see my facebook page, please like is and share!

Time to go for a ride now while it is still warm!

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