Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday or Windsday???

Six miles today... 48:51... negative split on the return trip. Running Barr Trail in the a.m. with JT and given how I have felt running the past two days it should prove to be interesting.

I am also doing a run with Annie in the afternoon tomorrow in Palmer Park. It will be fun to run with her for a bit.

Still tired and not ready to be home.

Day two of my "living cleaner" eating regime is going okay. I haven't even caved for a diet soda yet! Pretty good.

I think that maybe two weeks or so was too long of a break. I think that in the future seven days like after Leadville 2011 is better for me. Anyway... right now I am struggling a bit it seems, trying to pick up all of the pieces and putting them all back together... legs, heart, lungs, head... nothing is in sync.

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