Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Last day for a bit, maybe.

Had a great time last night with Annie and Melissa celebrating Valentines Day and an early birthday for Melissa. Here is some irony for you... I am here working in the evening and doing my thing while both Melissa and Annie are out running some miles with Asia. Irony. It is funny how there are only three of us but there had to be 20 different cards on the dining room table for everyone when we were done.

After Annie left we had pizza and watched a movie, Catch .44. It was pretty interesting. Forest Whitaker was over the top creepy in this one.

I really want to run in the worst way. This break has been good but I am ready to get back to work. I think that my first run will be in Acapulco tomorrow right after we check into the Grand. I will go for a short run to my favorite currency exchange place there to convert some dollars to pesos. That is what I usually do anyway... check in, dump stuff in the room, go exchange currency, get some beverages at Wal Mart for the room... then hit the beach in time for the sunset. I can not wait to get there tomorrow.

Today was okay... Got my taxes done and the IRS wont' be getting anymore money from ME for 2011.. and I had my yearly review with my manager today as well and he still likes me... or at least likes how I do my job... haha... Both of the situations could be much worse.

Melissa will do her first bungee jump for her birthday on Friday. That is going to be a blast! Anyway, everyone have a great rest of your week and weekend!

Getting ready to go... 10/9/09

And he's off!

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