Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So Happy It's Tuesday

Not so much but work with me here...

Mexico was absolutely the best vacation ever. The perfect balance between doing stuff, doing nothing and everything else. Acapulco sure has changed over the years. I might write something about that in the near future. Personally I think that I like it more now.

I ran twice when we were down there. Once on Thursday to go and exchange dollars and then on a whim on Saturday I ran barefoot on the beach. I really don't like running in sand. I decided to just take it easy when I was down there knowing full well what would be ahead of me once I got back to Colorado.

Today I did an easy ten miles total. 7.5 with Asia and 2.5 with Melissa. Neither run was pretty or fast but it was good to get the legs moving again. I will keep the expectations low this week as I ease back into things.

Today also starts the beginning of my minimal sugar diet... I've been really lax and well just outright overindulging in Mountain Dew and Snickers and really a ton of other crap I shouldn't be eating the past few weeks. So starting today I am staying away from the obvious culprits in order to keep my weight manageable this spring. Once I feel that things are dialed back in I can start having treats and cheat every once in a while and special occasions.

Shoved a huge splinter under my right thumbnail tonight closing the back gate. Never have I experienced so much pain. It took Melissa and I three different attempts to extract all of the wood out as it kept splintering. It hurt so badly that I threw up.

Welcome home...

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