Saturday, February 11, 2012

Command Decision

Rough on call last night. Not much sleep. Well that isn't' entirely true I slept soundly after I got to bed at 3:30.

Cold out today. Makes me glad that I am on my little break. Brandon S. went up Pikes Peak today and I would have liked to have done that trip but it will have to wait until next month maybe. Also Brooks and I still need to redeem ourselves (actually he needs the redemption since he got us into that mess) and do our run from N. Cheyenne Canon to Cripple Creek without post holing. That will be late March/early April I guess.

I decided today that we are going to celebrate Meslissa's birthday twice next week. We are going to have our first celebration in conjunction with Valentines Day on Tuesday then we will really, really, really celebrate it on Friday in Mexico. It is going to be so much fun. She is going to do the same bungee jump that I do down there. I also can't wait to get down there and meet up with old friends and catch up. It has been a long time.

Still feeling antsy about running. All of the swelling is gone but my right ankle still feels a little crunched yet. I need to give it a couple more days at least. Friday... I will run on Friday... Packing my new MT110's for the trip.

All in all a very quiet weekend!

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