Thursday, May 6, 2010

Slowly but Surely

Last week was my "rest" week of only 40 miles. When all is said and done this week will be a 50 mile week. Tuesday was a five miler and yesterday a ten miler. So far for the week I am "holding up."

I figure if I make it past this week intact I am on my way, though I don't expect things to get any easier, I don't expect the injury to get any worse. It feels as if it is rehabbing itself now in parallel along with my activity. Yesterday's run I was concerned about but it ended up being just fine.

Still feel a twinge or a pull or something hinky every once in a while in the soft tissue behind my knee. To be clear I feel it mostly when I am sitting or not moving. Seems that when I am walking or running the discomfort is absent. I felt in come and go a few times on yesterdays run.

My running muscles are protesting as they haven't had this kind of load in weeks. I can only imagine what everything would feel like now if I hadn't done any of the walking that I had done while I couldn't run. I expect the strength to come back fairly quickly though.

Everything is coming on line though and I am feeling a lot better and a heck of a lot more optimistic about the next few months. I have an inkling that the next 107 days of my life are going to be the toughest and most challenging ever, but as my coach said, I need to do everything that I can to be the fittest that I can be come August. This I can do.

I have my crew and my pacer all on board now and that is a good feeling. Annie told me last night that her mother gave her the green light to go up to Leadville that weekend so I am really excited for her to be there. I have a strong crew and a great pacer so I am lucky to have that peace of mind, knowing that is an issue or concern I really don't have to worry about now.

So slowly but surely things are coming around. It won't be long before 50 mile weeks turn into 60, 70 or more... It is going to be fun. :)

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